Keisha Yearby

Accomplished Educator, 
Motivator, & Life Coach

Keisha Yearby is proficient in educating children from all socio-economic areas ranging from the inner city of Chicago, Illinois to the historic city of Chesapeake, Virginia. With 19 years of experience, she learns the individual learning needs and styles of each child, then establishes an energetic, loving, and dynamic learning environment that creates an intrinsic desire to learn, resulting in massive academic progress. Students excel on or above grade level expectations in reading, pass standardized tests, and become ready for college level courses.

Keisha knows that everyone has greatness on the inside and it is each person's responsibility to realize their power and worthiness in order to free their greatness. She transforms the lives of children and adults through her program that teaches the steps needed to identify and develop your calling then work through the process of realizing it. Learn her strategy of going from broken, shy, and unspoken to achieving her dream of working directly with Les Brown, creating her own business, and becoming a motivational speaker.



Free Your Greatness and Keisha Yearby are driven to help you, no matter what your age, create and do the things that allow you to live and enjoy your best life.